• Touch Screen Control
  • PC programmable. Programs can be transferred with memory cards
  • Extract Force 300G
  • Built-in Unbalance Detection System
  • One Compartment Supply Dispenser
  • 5+1 Connections & Flush for Central Liquid Chemical Supply
  • 8 Signals for Central Liquid Chemical Supply. Expandable to 10.
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Front, Top and Rear Panels
  • Prepared for Direct Steam Injection
  • Single Motor, Inverter Driven – Programmable Variable Speed
  • Hot/ Cold Water Connection
  • All parts in contact with wash solution made of 304 (18/8) stainless steel
  • Single Rear Drain Connection 3″
  • Robust Gamma A-frame
  • Vapor Barrier for Straight Down Drain
  • Cool Down
  • Programmable Water Levels
  • Programmable Water Temperature
  • Built in Vaccum Breaker
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