SNOW-WHITE, crisp and clean smelling linen. This is what we all imagine when thinking about perfect ironing. It is all you want when you enter your hotel room after a tiring day or sit down at the table for an important event.Perfect ironing finish is what we have been pursuing at GMP for two generations.E² line is all this and even more: a user-friendly ironer, always ready to make your life easier obtaining great ironing results without effort. A reliable companion: it won’t let you down. Its well tested design will guarantee an inexpensive maintenance over the years.

And now, with E², you won’t go without the new SHARP control platform features anymore:

  • The integrated tutorials to guide you smoothly in the use of a professional ironer
  • The troubleshooting support module to clear your doubts
  • The 50 ironing programs to create and save your very own ironing settings
  • The manual mode to be flexible every time you need it.


E2 100.25 E2 120.25 E2 140.25 E2 140.30 E2 160.30 E2 200.30