Milnor is a leading manufacturer in the washing machine industry
Milnor’s equipment varies in size and purpose and serves a wide range of markets.
Each machines is individually tested and carefully inspected before leaving the factory.
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The leading Swiss laundry technology group since 1845. This Swiss company with a long tradition develops and produces high-quality machines, systems and system solutions for all requirements. Schulthess appliances stand out for their high functionality, performance and durability, represent top Swiss quality and are used worldwide.
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The company has been operating since 1964 and since 1980 specializes in the production of ironers . GMP offers the widest selection of work sheet ironers in Europe, providing specialist ironing solutions that meet the global requirements of the most diverse business segments, from commercial to industrial. Reliability and exceptional quality are key considerations for GMP’s research and development department when developing new projects.
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From design to manufacture, Foltex machines have been world-renowned for their simplicity and reliability. The build quality is first class and the design is innovative. Its machines are designed, developed and manufactured in the Netherlands.
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UNICA is a Belgian company that can offer machines with cutting-edge features. Its industrial washing machines feature a range of patented technologies. They are ergonomic to use, especially when loading and unloading, and offer easy technical access. Their design leads to easy installation in the smallest possible space without the requirement of additional accessories. They also have reduced consumption of water, electricity, steam and chemicals, which is why they are CE certified.

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